It’s here! Yesterday we teased some footage from the trailer of The Tourist starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, and it’s finally arrived. The video debuted over on Yahoo Movies, and looks like a mixture of The Thomas Crown Affair, North by Northwest, and dare we say Mr. and Mrs. Smith? There’s a specific dance sequence in this trailer that looks like it was lifted directly from the Doug Liman film. See for yourself…

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The storyline for the film centers on an American tourist (Depp) drawn into a web of intrigue and danger by a female Interpol agent (Jolie) who plans to use him as her pawn. This is one of those roles where Depp plays down his good looks and charm and ups his naivete and innocence. It works.

As for Jolie, when are people going to realize that accents aren’t her strong suit? Here she’s doing some type of British hybrid that sounds almost as bad as her work in Tomb Raider. A pleasant surprise is Paul Bettany who looks dapper while trying to capture both Jolie and Depp throughout the trailer.

Overall, the premise of The Tourist doesn’t have us interested. There’s nothing new here besides the combination of the two lead actors. Hopefully, there’s more than what meets the eye because on the surface it feels like a traditional mistaken identity thriller.

The Tourist is scheduled to hit theaters on December 10th.

What do you think of the trailer for The Tourist?