When we last left the Botwin clan on “Weeds” they were settling into their jobs as scabs and trying to pretend they were a normal, functioning family. Yeah, good luck with that. How do you think it went this week? Check out our review and find out…

The Players:

  • Writer: Stephen Falk
  • Director: Eric Jewett
  • Cast: Mary Louise Parker, Hunter Parrish, Patricia Lentz, Alanis Morrissette, Justin Kirk, Alexander Gould, Mo Gallini, Linda Hamilton

Episode Title: “Bliss”

There are unexpected promotions for absolutely everybody as Andy becomes sous-chef and Nancy becomes the hotel’s hash dealer. Silas pretends to be studying botany to impress college girls. Doug accidentally hurts the homeless. Shane joins a mommy’s group with Stevie.

The Good:

  • Shane The Parent: They’ve done a lot to establish Shane as creepy and weird, so it’s absolutely hilarious seeing him visit a mother’s group and lie, badly, about why the baby’s mother isn’t there. The way the mothers immediately see through his trite excuses and trying to find out what really happened to his mother is a hoot. Everybody thinks Shane is creepy!
  • Hurting the Homeless: OK, so in real life, it’s not funny when a homeless man is accidentally shot but here, it’s pretty hilarious. Especially the look on Doug’s face throughout the entire incident.
  • School of Hard Knocks: Silas pretending to be a botany major solely to impress girls was a welcome comedic moment for the character who pretty much is the only remaining character on this show with a conscience. We hope it goes further; the poor guy deserves some happiness.

The Weird:

  • Used Cooking Oil?: OK, it makes more sense in context of the show, but we’re still wondering how the writing staff came up with Nancy latest source being a lesbian couple with a need for used cooking oil. That’s a pretty odd collection of statements, right there.

The Bad:

  • Promotions as the Plot Demands: Jumping from dishwasher to sous-chef isn’t unheard of, we suppose, but it’s awfully, awfully convenient in light of what Nancy needs this episode. We’re not entirely convinced of Andy’s mind blowing cooking talents.
  • Haircut of the Damned: We’re still wondering why anybody trusts Nancy with that cracked-out haircut she’s got. She actually looks like a drug dealer.


A solid, entertaining episode with a lot of laughs that mostly manages to advance the plot in an engaging way. It looks like we’ve finally shaken off the heavy exposition that opened the season and we’re moving into the plot proper. It looks like it’s going to be a heck of a lot of fun.

Rating: 9/10

Agree? Disagree? Actually like Nancy’s haircut? Let us know in the comments!