Contrary to popular belief Isabel Lucas and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley weren’t the first blonds to be featured in the Transformers franchise. Back in 2007, Australian actress Rachael Taylor wore a power suit and heels in the first film. Since then we haven’t seen her in anything nearly as high profile but she’s landed a gig on the small screen that might jog our memories. According to EW, she has a new role on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Taylor’s character is still being conceived at the moment and not expected to appear on the show until mid-season, but an insider reveals that she will be playing a doctor — gasp!! Well, at least she’s not a patient who’s specifically brought on to start a relationship with one of the staff members only to die and make them go crazy. Not that we are talking about anyone in particular (cough**Denny**cough).

Over on the Fox Network they are currently in negotiations with Avatar star Stephen Lang to join the cast of the sci-fi series “Terra Nova.” The actor is in talks to play the villain (shocking), “a merciless leader of a prehistoric settlement.” The time traveling show is slated to air during the fall of 2011.

What do you think of these two casting announcements? Which one are you more excited for?