Where can you find Charlie Cox, Wes Bentley ,Olga Kurylenko, Rodrigo Santoro, Lily Cole, and Dougray Scott in the same place at the same time? How about Roland Joffe’s latest film There Be Dragons? A teaser trailer has been released for the movie that stars all of the above, which is a big deal for us because we’ve been wondering where Mr. Bentley’s been hiding. Check out the trailer below…

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Official Synopsis:

There Be Dragons is an epic action-adventure-romance set during the turmoil of the Spanish Civil War. The film is written and directed by Roland Joffe, acclaimed director of The Mission, and features a stellar cast of young actors –Charlie Cox , Wes Bentley, Rodrigo Santoro, and Olga Kurylenko. The story traces the lives of two young men, Josemaria Escriva (Cox) and Manolo Torres, childhood friends who are separated by the political upheaval of pre-war Spain to find themselves on opposite sides as war erupts.

Choosing peace, Josemaria becomes a priest and struggles to spread reconciliation by founding the movement “Opus Dei” (work of God.). Manolo chooses war and becomes a spy for the fascists. Manolo commits heinous acts that will torment him until the end of his life. Only on Manolo’s deathbed will Josemaria’s message of forgiveness finally have a profound impact on him and on his estranged son, who comes to learn the truth of his father’s dark past.

What do you think of the trailer for There Be Dragons? Are you interested in the film?

Source: ComingSoon