The CW has released the full trailer for season 6 of “Supernatural” and it shows that something is different about Sam. We all know how season 5 went down. It included fights with demons, the devil and hell as a whole but from those traumatic events Dean somehow managed to find some solitude. Did you really think that was going to last into the new season? Nope! Check out the trailer to see how it plays out…

The video made its debut on, but it’s not available for embedding, therefore click on the following photo to be taken to the trailer.

First off all, Sam is creeping us the hell out. He’s lurking in the shadows like he’s up to no good. We knew Dean wouldn’t be able to live his “happily ever after” for long. Granted Sam’s behavior is questionable but anything that gives him an excuse to exercise shirtless for all the world to see is OK by us.

Beyond his reappearance, it looks like they’re returning to their monster of the week format. The creatures are coming back into play. We miss those days.

Supernatural — season six premieres Friday, September 24th at 9/8c

What do you think is going to happen during the sixth season of Supernatural? What do you want to happen?