Over at Yahoo Movies, they’ve released the first clip from the indie horror film Insidious. It’s directed by James Wan and stars Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson. Last spring we had the opportunity to speak to Byrne about the film while she was out promoting Get Him to the Greek. She described the project as “really cool and really scary.” Take a look at this clip to see if you agree…

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Byrne gave this brief synopsis of the film:

Patrick Wilson and I play a married couple and we have 3 children and there starts to be some strange incidents in our house. My character’s mentally kind of fragile and you’re never quite sure if it’s in her head or if it’s really happening. It’s really clever. It plays out like a domestic drama and it just descends into complete eeriness. It becomes kind of supernatural.

Insidious is currently playing at the Toronto International Film Festival but no national release date has been set. It also stars Ty Simpkins and Barbara Hershey. Is anyone else out there having flashbacks from The Entity?

What do you think of the first clip from Insidious? Are you interested in seeing the movie?