When we last left the “True Blood” crew before Labor Day, Eric and Russell were outside taking a walk, Sookie had her fairy secret leaked, and everything was essentially barreling towards a whole bunch of revelations. So, what happened? Check out this week’s review of the season finale to find out!

The Players

Episode Title: “Evil Is Going On”

Tara and Sam have pancakes. Crystal goes off with her betrothed, leaving Jason to defend the meth dealers. Life’s great for Terry. Sam may have shot Tommy. Oh, and Bill and Sookie break up again.

The Good:

  • The United States of Tara: After the rough and sometimes character derailed season that she’s had, it was nice to see Tara pulling herself together. Even though we seriously doubt that her drive off into the sunset is remotely permanent.
  • Bill The Badass: Has anybody noticed that once Bill gets out of Sookie’s range, he starts handing out a lot more beatings? This is something the show practically underlined this week.
  • Burying the Hatchet: We’ll give Bill credit for guts, as he tried to wipe out all the worst vampires the show has (in terms of capacity for violence, anyway) in one fell swoop. It didn’t end well, but credit to him for trying.
  • Vanishing Crystal: Oh man, watching Crystal leave was absolutely great. Unfortunately, she’ll probably be back, but we won’t miss her while she’s gone.

The Weird

  • Short Cameos From Beloved Characters: Boy, they crammed in a lot of people, and most of them didn’t do anything. Tara hardly had an action-packed plotline, Alcide had nothing to do except glare at Bill and give us material for Twilight jokes, and Russell was turned into a wuss. It felt weirdly rushed, as if they were quickly trying to wrap things up.

The Bad:

  • That’s IT?!: Seriously, your season finale is Sookie meeting up with some fairies and running off to fairy land? What?! We really hope this isn’t a preview of season four, but we suspect it just might be. Also, that’s how you off a villain like Russell? Burying him in cement like a plot coupon to be redeemed when you need to get out of a corner? Sheesh.


A decent finale but kind of lackluster in the face of what they had to work with.

Rating: 8/10

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