On September 13, 1985 the world of video games was changed forever. A little game called Super Mario Bros was released for the original Famicom system in Japan, and no one had any idea that it would become an iconic piece of pop culture history. Not only did Super Mario Bros spawn several sequels and spin-offs, but there was a live action film in the early nineties that starred Bob Hoskins, Dennis Hopper, and John Leguizamo. Oh yeah, you want to forget it but we won’t let you!

Do you remember the tagline for the movie, “Super Mario Bros, this ain’t no game?” Check out the original 1993 trailer.

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That was ADD/MTV editing at its finest. Not only was the casting for this film horrible, but there were so many things that overall just didn’t make sense (considering the source material). In a way we could blame Mario for the Street Fighter movie that followed in 1994 and even the Mortal Kombat film that came after in 1995. It was a domino effect!

Over the years the origin story of the main character has been skewed, “Super Mario Bros was not the entrance of the classic Italian plumber. He was introduced a couple years earlier in the Donkey Kong arcade game as “Jumpman.” He then joined his brother Luigi in the simplistic arcade title Mario Bros.”

The game went on to sell over 240 million copies around the world and that doesn’t even include the millions of circulating downloads on NES emulators on everything from iPhones to PSPs. And the very first installment is available on almost every Nintendo platform, including the Wii.

Happy Birthday Mario and Luigi!

What is your favorite Super Mario Bros game?

Source: TGdaily