It seems like just yesterday a heavily bearded, sun glass wearing Joaquin Phoenix made his iconic appearance on the “Late Show With David Letterman.” At the time we didn’t realize what the hell was going on with him, but in hindsight we now know that it was part of his new film I’m Still Here. Now in promotion of the finished product, Phoenix will return to the place where it all began…Letterman.

According to THR, Phoenix will appear on the “Late Show” on September 22nd. Not only will this mark his return to the show but it will be his first television interview since his “lost year” began. His previous appearance from 2009 will be re-broadcast this Thursday on CBS, who claims it drew about 8 million views online at the “Late Show” website and on YouTube.

Phoenix is the subject of the documentary that’s directed by his brother-in-law and fellow actor-turned director Casey Affleck. We heard rumors that Phoenix is back to his cleanshaven, normal looking self. He appeared looking rather dapper at this year’s Venice Film Festival for the I’m Still Here premiere. Hopefully, he keeps it up. He’s not a bad looking guy.

Will you tune in to see Phoenix on Letterman? How do you think he’ll act?