James Cameron is taking another step into the realm of television with a small screen adaptation of his 1994 hit True Lies. Remember the spy action film that featured Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Arnold, and that infamous Jamie Lee Curtis pole dancing scene? We might not get all that, but you will get the basic premise and Cameron’s stamp of approval according to a report from Deadline.

Cameron will develop and produce the series via Lightstorm Entertainment and 20th Century Fox. Prior to this, the only TV project that he’s had a hand in was the sci-fi series “Dark Angel,” which was the program that jump started Jessica Alba’s career. A lot of you would like to forget that she was a Cameron protege but she was. Unfortunately, the career boost he gave her wasn’t used wisely.

The story for True Lies centered on Harry Tasker (Schwarzenegger), a computer salesman/family man who lives a double life as a government spy. During a top-secret mission, Harry discovers that his mousy wife Helen (Curtis), seeking adventure, has embarked on an affair with an used cars salesman who has seduced her by pretending to be a spy. Harry sets out to give her the excitement she craves while battling Middle Eastern terrorists who threaten nuclear war with the U.S.

The show will have Rene Echevarria, the creator of “The 4400,” serve as the showrunner with Cameron operating as a producer.

What do you think of Cameron getting back into television?