A couple weeks ago, we wrote about the potential of Noomi Rapace becoming the next Marion Cotillard thanks to her role in the Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. There’s been some Oscar buzz surrounding her performance, and she’s earned the attention of some name directors, one of them being Guy Ritchie. According to THR, the actress has been cast as the female lead in his sequel Sherlock Holmes 2.

The trade states that the plot of Holmes 2 is being kept under wraps but we can expect there to be a showdown between the title character and his arch nemesis Moriarty. There’s also word that Holmes’ brother Mycroft will also make an appearance in the sequel. As for Rapace, there are rumors that she’ll play a French Gypsy that interacts with the detective duo.

If she’s playing a French character, it makes you wonder why they didn’t just cast Cotillard in the role. It’s interesting that she chose this project to help jump start her American film career. Let’s see how it goes. As for the other castings, Moriarty is still a big, dark secret, and this is the first that we’re hearing of Holmes’ brother being on board. Who do you think could play him?

What do you think of Rapace joining the cast of Sherlock Holmes 2? Who do you think should play Mycroft and Moriarty?