Over the weekend several major castings were made regarding the sequels Scream 4, Johnny English, and the dark comedy Killer Joe. Some of the talent includes Amy Teegarden from “Friday Night Lights,” Dominic West from “The Wire” and Centurion, and Matthew McConaughey from some random beach (just kidding). Check out the latest updates below…

Amy Teegarden has just signed on for a part in Scream 4 in an unspecified role. We’re assuming that she’ll be one of the nameless faces that get axed. The cast is currently filled to the brim with murder candidates including Brittany Robertson from The CW series, “Life Unexpected.” We don’t think either one of them will make it out alive.

Next, we have Matthew McConaughey who will star alongside Emile Hirsch in Killer Joe. The film centers on “on a brother (Hirsch) and sister combo who plot the death of their mother for the insurance money and hire “Killer Joe” Cooper, a cop and contract killer (McConaughey) to do the deed.” It will be directed by William Friedkin and begins production on November 8th.

Last but not least we have the Johnny English sequel entitled Johnny English Reborn. Gillian Anderson, Dominic West, Rosamund Pike and newbie Daniel Kaluuya will join Rowan Atkinson in the follow up to the 2003 action comedy. The film will shoot in Hong Kong and the UK starting this week, and the production is expected to last 13 weeks.

What do you think of the latest castings? Which one are you the most excited about?

Source: THR