The folks over at Warner Bros and DC Entertainment are hard at work developing more comic properties for the big screen.  Next year The Green Lantern will debut followed by another Batman movie in 2012, and a rebooted Superman film. According to Newsarama, the studio is planning to branch out from their typical DC roster and have completed work on the treatment for the long developing adaptation of The Flash.

Over the past few decades, DC/Warner Bros greatest comic collaborations have been Superman and Batman. Nothing against those guys but it’s time to mix it up. In recent years Marvel has produced films for second and third string characters and they’ve even planned a team up movie (The Avengers), yet the Justice League still hasn’t seen the light of day! Green Lantern and The Flash might be the first steps to making the JLA movie a possibility.

Marc Guggenheim, co-writer of Green Lantern confirmed that The Flash has been turned into the studio and the Green Lantern sequel is the next film on their priority list. Even though there have been rumors of a Green Lantern trilogy, he states that those came about because of the way the film was originally pitched.

“I think where that came out of was, when Greg Berlanti originally pitched the movie to Warner Bros., he pitched three movies. So there’s always been, and he’s said this publicly, that there’s always been enough story for a trilogy. The scope of the character and the character’s world requires that. But we’re really just focusing on the treatment for Green Lantern 2.”

As for the future of The Flash

“I think it’s very hard to talk about these characters in a closed-ended, sort of non-sequel way,” he said, “especially characters like The Flash and Green Lantern, which have such rich, long histories. You can’t help but talk about the characters and go, ‘Oh, I really want to do the movie where we get to this moment, or that moment.’ So you’re always talking in terms of sequels, but no, nothing’s planned. We haven’t even written the script yet for The Flash. It’s very much one step at a time for The Flash.

Hmmm, in other words, to be continued.

What do you think of DC moving forward with The Flash and the Green Lantern sequels?