Though I love an ambiguous trailers, when your film isn’t a mystery, isn’t necessary mainstream, and is a documentary about an issue – you need to show explain something in the trailer. I want to care about this film but I have no idea what the issue is. Is the governmental? Environmental? Aliens? I’m guessing from the title Windfall that this has something to do with some kind of windmill or solar power device? Maybe a train station!? An airport? Killer birds? Help me here! By no means should a trailer give everything away (damn you Inception and Iron Man trailers), but we need something!

Check out the trailer and if you can’t figure it out maybe the synopsis below it can help…

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Official Synopsis:

When an multi–national corporation offers to revitalize the rural farm town’s failing economy with a new industry, residents believe they have found the solution to their economic problems. But the townspeople grow increasingly alarmed as they discover that the company’s plans for their town are far from anything they could have ever predicted. Hauntingly filmed, WINDFALL delivers the message that sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel can be an oncoming train.

Laura Israel’s film will be premiering tonight at Toronto International Film Festival – maybe we’ll get some answers then!

So what do you think? Am I just missing something here? Did you get the trailer?