Last week we brought you a clip from Oliver Stone’s latest film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps that featured Michael Douglas schooling Shia Labeouf on the game of greed. Today we have another scene from the movie that features Gordon Gekko trading insults with his younger and richer nemesis, Bretton James who’s played by Josh Brolin. Watch these two money grubbers go at it…

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Money Never Sleeps takes place 20 plus years after the first film and centers on an up and coming Wall Street trader who gets taught some hard lessons in the business. In the midst of it he unites with the infamous Gekko to save the financial community from the oncoming economic collapse.

When Gekko was at the top of his game James was an up and comer and as you can see there’s some animosity between the two. Now that Gekko is no longer top dog, he has some resentment towards James. Don’t you love the insults he throws his way? ” You know what they say? Fools make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.” Classic.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps was originally scheduled to hit theaters in April but has been pushed back to September 24th.

What do you think of the latest clip from the film?