Over the past year Liam Neeson has made some questionable career choices, with his most recent being Battleship. Now according to ComingSoon, we can expect to see him again in another glossy, action film, Clash of the Titans 2. The actor will reprise his role as Zeus in the 3D sequel and he’ll be joined by Ralph Fiennes who played his evil brother Hades in the first film.

The news comes courtesy of Clash producer Basil Iwanyk who says the duo will join Sam Worthington, Gemma Arterton, and a whole new group of people for the next 3D adventure.

“‘Clash of the Titans 2′ will go February 1st in the UK. Jonathan Liebesman, who just did this movie ‘Battle: Los Angeles‘, is directing it. We’re on early prep on that. It’s a huge movie and we want to do a much better job on it,” he told us. “Listen, we’re prideful people and we want to win and the 3D really helped us in a lot of ways, but we also took a lot of heat for it. I think for my own career and my own sense of purpose, I want this movie to rock… and it will.”

It sounds like they took the post-conversion 3D criticism to heart. The sequel will actually be shot using 3D cameras and he claims that they learned a lot about the tone they want for the film. Not too dark, but not to jokey either.

What do you think of Neeson and Fiennes returning for Clash 2?