Summit Entertainment is pulling a 20th Century Fox and re-releasing their biggest cash cow in theaters. Their latest installment in the The Twilight Saga entitled Eclipse, earned $298.8 million domestically and $372.8 million internationally bringing its grand total to $672 million overall. Obviously that wasn’t enough for the studio because they’re breaking it out one last time for a very special occasion — Bella’s birthday.

You read that right, in celebration of Bella Swan’s birthday Summit will re-release Eclipse in theaters all over the country. They claim that this will allow “moviegoers to celebrate Bella’s birthday with their friends.” Do you smell that? We smell a blatant attempt to get beyond $300 million domestic. To our knowledge the film will only be released in 1,187 theaters in North America, therefore Summit has an obvious beef with the U.S. box office.

This is just the boost they need to fuel the upcoming December 4th DVD release of the film. The last time we checked, absence made the heart grow fonder. Bella’s big day falls on a Monday (September 13th) so how is that going to effect those kids who are in school and can’t hang out a school night? Who are we kidding? They’ll find a way to see it.

Do you plan on seeing Eclipse again in theaters?

Source: Deadline