Back in April we learned that the Stephen King book series The Dark Tower was being turned into a feature film trilogy. Oscar winner Ron Howard was named as the feature director, and according to The Los Angeles Times, the series, which is composed of seven novels, short stories and comic books will also be adapted as a television show.

A deal was struck up between NBC Universal Television and Universal Pictures that will have Howard direct the first film in The Dark Tower trilogy and the first season of the TV series. Did you catch that? “The first film will be quickly followed by the television series, which will lead to the second film. The TV series will then resume until the third film is released.”

The Dark Tower novels have been described as “King’s answer to JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.” They have a huge following and even though they’ve brought on a talented director who will they cast as its characters? The books center on a wandering gunslinger named Roland, the last of his kind, as he wanders across dimensions and other worlds on an endless quest to find the Dark Tower, a fabled building said to be a nexus between worlds.

Won’t it be weird to see the cast jump from film to TV and back to film again? We’re used to shows being made into movies after they’ve been canceled. When was the last time a property successfully attempted anything like this?

What do you think of The Dark Tower being both a show and a film? What actors should they cast?