The sneaky European paparazzi  have managed to get some photos from the set of Marvel’s upcoming movie, Captain America: The First Avenger. Unlike the shots that previously surfaced last week that featured buildings and wreckage, these actually show people! The photos come from the UK site The Daily Mail, and it looks like Cap is in hot pursuit of some bad guys. Check them out…

The man in the red, white, and blue suit is not Chris Evans, he’s a stuntman. These photos were taken during a chase scene through the streets of 1940s London, and even though we don’t get to see Evans we get a good look at the suit. Much like the early version of the Iron Man armor that appeared in the beginning of the first movie, we hope this is a prototype. It looks like a literal translation from the comic and that’s not good.

Captain America’s suit was always on the campy side considering the time it was created but still. Can you imagine this standing next to Iron Man and Black Widow in The Avengers? At least he’ll have Thor there to even out the ridiculousness with his helmet and hammer.

What do you think of the latest behind the scenes photos from Captain America?