Besides Michael Keaton’s over the top shenanigans, Winona Ryder’s gravity-free finale dance, what was the best part of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice? It was Otho, the eccentric interior decorator! Unfortunately, the actor who portrayed the character, Glenn Shadix is no longer with us. According to AP, he passed away at the age of 58 on Tuesday.

The cause of death stems from a dramatic fall that took place at Shadix’s home in Alabama. “His sister, Susan Gagne, told The Birmingham News that he had been using a wheelchair for mobility and appeared to have fallen in his kitchen and struck his head.” The actor’s birth name was William G. Shadix, and a memorial will be held in his honor on Saturday in Birmingham.

Over the course of his career he appeared in more than 70 television shows and films. Besides Beetlejuice, he had noticeable appearances on “Seinfeld,” and supporting roles in other Burton films like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Planet of the Apes. He’s survived by his mother, sister, and brother-in-law.

Shadix had retired from acting and moved back to his home state from Los Angeles and had been living in a condo on Highland Ave.

What was your favorite Glenn Shadix character?