You’ve been tricked! Last night the season finale of “True Blood” did not air on HBO. The episode entitled “Evil is Going On” won’t premiere until next Sunday, September 12th. You have to wait another whole week to see how it all ends. Is Russell really a goner? Will Tara go crazy and try to kill herself–again (rolls eyes), and most importantly will Sookie discover just how powerful she really is? Check out the preview for the season finale…

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So Bill and Alcide come face to face and they don’t like each other? No surprise there. There’s been so much drama followed by moments of “who gives a damn” throughout this entire season but it looks like the finale will bring us something we can sink our teeth into. Correct me if I’m wrong but did they show a glimpse of Godric in this trailer? Godric is awesome!

Sam has really taken a turn for the worse. For some reason his hands were all bloody and it scared the crap out of Lafayette. But then again, Lafayette is always jumping at something.

What do you think is going to happen during next week’s finale? What do you WANT to happen?