The cast and crew of Transformers 3 have spent the majority of the summer filming in the windy city of Chicago. Following in the footsteps of the previous two films, the sequel is expected to have plenty of explosions and high octane action scenes. Unfortunately, while shooting one of their many stunts a film extra was seriously hurt.

According to ABC-Chicago news, a female extra named Gabriella Cedillo suffered a serious head injury during the filming of a car stunt. It occurred on Wednesday around 7 p.m. along a stretch of Cline Avenue, which was closed to traffic for filming, in East Chicago. Cedillo was sitting on set, in her own car (a 2006 Toyota), when an object came thrashing through her windshield.

According to another extra, Blaine Baker, “The vehicle was being towed by another vehicle. The cable between the two vehicles broke. It whipped around and sliced through the woman’s car and sliced through her skull, apparently.” Baker said the car was then dragged along a center divider for about half a mile, “grinding the side of the car off.”

Reps for Transformers 3 haven’t released an official statement regarding the incident but officers have confirmed that Thursday filming has been canceled. Today was supposed to be their last day of shooting in the city, so it’s not clear if the cancellation is due to that or the woman’s injury. We’re going to go with the latter.

Are you surprised that production was shut down? Are you surprised that an accident of this caliber occurred?