We’ve got a new update regarding Marvel’s live action adaptation of Runaways. According to a report from Production Weekly, shooting on the film will begin early next year in March 2011. It will take place in Los Angeles, California where the comic’s story is set. There’s also been word that the studio might change the title from Runaways to Small Faces. Let’s all let out a resounding WTF?!

The studio probably doesn’t want their film to get confused with the Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning biopic that was based on the rock group of the same name.  Small Faces is an open alternative at the moment, but hasn’t been confirmed as the official title. Hopefully, they don’t change it and if they do, they need to pick something better than that. Small Faces sounds really disturbing.

The story for Runaways centers on the children of supervillains who are cursed with evil powers but use them for heroic purposes. The group embarks on a journey to find their heroic origins, while trying to repair all the damage their parents have done. It’s like The Breakfast Club with superheroes.

Hopefully, the film’s cast will start shaping up soon and we can put some “big faces” to these small ones.

What do you think of Runaways alternate title? Should they keep it as is?