Yesterday Conan O’Brien teased on Twitter that he would announce the title of his new show on Wednesday. He wrote, “I was going to announce the name of my new show today, but my lawyers tell me “The Return of Nanny McPhee” is taken. Tune in tomorrow.” Today is tomorrow and the host recorded a special video announcement revealing the big news. The name of O’Brien’s new show is…

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That’s it. Yep, we should have seen that coming. The title of his show is “Conan.” It’s short, sweet, and to the point. No “Conan O’Brien Show,” no “Conan Tonight,” or “Conan O’Brien Tonight,” just “Conan.” He sure does know how to market the hell out of the littlest things doesn’t he? He wrote it on a random piece of paper, which he tosses on the floor. That’s how much he cares. Oh, Conan.

November can’t get here fast enough. We kind of feel bad for those without satellite or cable. There are a lot of people who love Coco, but his ratings will show a significant change from what he received on NBC. Cable is a different kind of animal.

“Conan” is scheduled to debut on November 8th on TBS, will you be watching?

What do you think of the new show’s title?