Are you ready for season 4 of “Chuck” to start? You’ve still got a couple of weeks until the big September 20th premiere but don’t fret, we’ve got something to hold you over. Several photos from the upcoming season have been released and they feature Mama Bartowski! That’s right, Linda Hamilton appears as his gun toting, power suit wearing mother who means business. She’s joined by geek goddess Olivia Munn, and of course Zachary Levi. Check out the photos…

Other characters present in these photos are Casey and Sarah. Even though Chuck in no longer a part of the government agency (at the beginning of the season), they are and they’ve still got a job to do. We’re not sure what their mission entails but they’re using a fast and fancy jet to get it done. Olivia Munn’s character Greta, is a CIA operative who’s undercover as a Nerd Herd team member at a Buy More store. Here she’s shown having a conversation with Chuck and Morgan.

Here’s a question, why is she dressed like that? Isn’t this supposed to be a play off of Best Buy and their Geek Squad? Do the female uniforms look like that? Oh, the magic of television.

What do you think of Hamilton and Munn appearing on this season of Chuck?

Source: Zap2it