Pa Kent is back! A few months ago it was announced that John Schneider would return for “Smallville’s” tenth and final season and now we’ve got the pictures to prove it. The CW (via Collider) have released several images from the September 24th premiere episode, “Lazarus,” that shows the father and son sharing an intimate moment. Check out the rest of the photos below…

Don’t these images just warm your heart? Jonathan Kent hasn’t been a regular on “Smallville” for years so it’s nice to see him one last time. The character initially died of a heart attack in season 5, which left Clark and his mother broken. In “Lazarus,” it looks like his son finds himself back on the Kent farm doing some much needed soul searching.

Don’t you miss the Kent Farm and its huge overarching presence on the show? Hopefully, this season will revisit all of the elements that made us all fall in love with “Smallville” 10 years ago. The relationship between the Kent family was one of the best things about it. Doesn’t that shot of Jonathan holding Clark make you want to shed a tear?

What do you think of John Schneider’s cameo on Smallville? What do you think he’s talking to Clark about?