The core cast of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is locked and loaded and it’s time to bring in the newbies. The third sequel in the vampire series Eclipse, featured a lot of fresh faces from the past and present of our favorite characters. In Breaking Dawn, they’re going above and beyond to pick up their newest vampire.

According to ETOnline, one of the stars from the Emmy winning miniseries “The Pacific” has landed a role in the film. His name is Rami Malek and he’s been cast as “Benjamin, an Egyptian vampire with the power to control the four elements (earth, fire, air and water). A member of the Egyptian Coven (which also includes the yet-to-be-cast Amun, Kebi, and Tia) Benjamin and his brethren travel to Forks in the fourth book to serve as witnesses on behalf of the Cullens.”

Damn it! Those vampires are everywhere. Not only is he a bloodsucker but he’ll also share the same powers as Aang from The Last Airbender. Does anyone else see that similarity? I wouldn’t mind seeing the Egyptian Coven go up against the Volturi. What’s their relationship like in the book? If you’ve read it, let us know.

What do you think of the latest addition to Breaking Dawn?

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