It’s game time bitches! We’re sorry if that came off a little strong but today is the big day. Are you familiar with the game title, Dead Rising 2? If so, you know that it’s not scheduled to hit shelves until next month but guess what? If you own an Xbox 360 you can download and play the prologue right now!

The prologue is entitled, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and it centers on “protagonist Chuck Greene and his daughter Katey have just fled zombie-infested Las Vegas. They stop at the small town of Still Creek for supplies but unfortunately it’s swarming with zombies. Any clothing, PP, and Combo Cards you earn in Case Zero can be imported into your DR2 game.” Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Offers a brand new gameplay experience: Play a full new Dead Rising story which is appointed two years after the Willamette accident.
  • Undead Overruns: The zombies are just all over the place, the game offers a dynamic experience and zombie annihilation fest with weaponry design to kill large amounts of zombies from one shot.
  • New Protagonist: You play with a new main character, Chuck Greene and his daughter Katey.
  • Features an amalgamation of weaponry: You can bond two items using duct tape to construct the unsurpassed zombie killing machine. You can also unlock combo cards as you go through the story, they will offer you the upper hand as the handy cards will show you what sort of items are best to be combined. The more undead you kill using your skillful combos, the more Prestige Points you can get to level up.

The game is available specifically for Xbox 360 users starting August 31st (today!).

Are you interested in buying the prologue?

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