Over the past couple months Russell Brand has been busy shooting the remake of 1981′s Arthur. The film originally starred the late Dudley Moore and now features Brand in the title role. We’ve previously posted some on-set photos that showed the actor and some of his co-stars in strange outfits doing strange things all for the sake of a laugh. Now the studio has released several official production stills taken directly from the film. Check them out…

Arthur is directed by “Modern Family’s” Jason Winer and will follow a wealthy drunk (Brand) who risks his large trust fund to be with someone his mother doesn’t approve of — a poor girl (Greta Gerwig). He’s pushed to marry a well-off heiress (Jennifer Garner) who has a very religious father, played by Nick Nolte. Oscar winner Mirren is also on board as Arthur’s caregiver aka  “adult nanny.”

Does anyone else out there find Russell Brand extremely creepy without his beard? When he’s clean shaven like this he looks like a serial killer. What do you prefer, beard or no beard?

The original Arthur was a critical and commercial success which earned four Oscar nominations when it was released. We’re not sure if this one will do as well.

What do you think of the first photos from Arthur?

Source: Collider