Anytime we get news regarding Ghostbusters 3, we take it with a grain of salt but this latest dish sounds plausible and comes from a decent source. According to Bloody Disgusting, one of the major plot-points in the sequel will surround Peter Venkman and Dana Barrett’s love child — Oscar.

Oscar was the baby that appeared in Ghostbusters 2 and to my knowledge, he was the child of a violinist. I’m not one of those people who’ve seen the film a thousand times, but I’m pretty sure it was implied that the kid wasn’t Venkman’s. I guess their going to rewrite history and pull an Indiana Jones 4 by bringing in a younger, hipper actor.

As we learned late last year (from Sigourney Weaver), Oscar will be a 21 year old (give or take) who wants to follow in the footsteps of the Ghostbusters team. In this case, he’ll be picking up where his dad left off. On another note, there’s also been word that Rick Moranis who played Louis Tully in the films might come out of retirement to reprise his role.

He’s been out of the industry for several years and it seemed as if he had no desire to return. He didn’t even lend his voice to the Ghostbusters video game that came out a couple years ago. But now, we’re hearing that he might be open to playing Tully one last time. Do you think he will?

What do you think of the latest Ghostbusters updates? Do you think Venkman is Oscar’s dad? Should Moranis come back?

Additonal Source: /Film