The new fall TV season is almost here, and the first official photos from season 3 of “Fringe” have been released! The show left viewers on the edge of their seat when it went on hiatus last spring thanks to alternate universes and an old school switcheroo. The new photos from this season highlight a couple of unwanted additions — Alternate Olivia and Alternate Walter.

Alt-Olivia and Alt-Walter are nothing new in terms of their names or their origins. We know their deal, the question is how big of a part will they play in this season? [Spoiler] During the last episode of season 2 it was revealed that Alt-Olivia crossed over into our world leaving the real Olivia in a locked cell under the watchful eye of Alt-Walter.

The Fox Network have released promo shots of both Alt-Olivia and Alt-Walter, which means we’ll be seeing their faces a lot more than we’d like to. I hope they don’t drag out the switch storyline for too long. Olivia and Peter were just about to take their relationship to the next level.

Also, is Alt-Walter going to try and take the real Walter’s place or will he just pull Alt-Olivia’s strings from the other side? So many questions and not enough answers!

“Fringe” returns with all new episodes on September 23rd.

What do you think of the latest photos from Fringe season 3?

Source: Spoiler TV