This past weekend a lot rumors sprung up regarding 20th Century Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four. Over at ComicBookMovie, they’ve been following the latest developments surrounding the film and they’ve discovered some big casting news. How big you ask? How about Bill Compton, John McClane, and Harry Potter big!

First off, Stephen Moyer who plays Bill Compton on “True Blood” is said to be up for the role of Dr. Doom. He’s the Fantastic Four’s arch nemesis who was previously played by Julian McMahon. Apparently, he’s the lead candidate to play the character and an offer has been sent out to him. In the film Dr. Doom will be shown as “the ruler of Latveria and a master of the mystic arts.”

Next we have Bruce Willis, who may or may not voice The Thing. Unlike the previous FF films, the rock-like hero will appear as a CGI character who’ll be voiced by an actor. In this case, that actor could be Willis. They claim that they want him to lend his voice and “stand in for few, brief scenes the character appears in human form during the opening credits.” Willis doesn’t come cheap, and they haven’t put out an official offer for him just yet.

That brings us to the directors. Three names have been mentioned on a shortlist to helm the film including The A-Team’s Joe Carnahan, Ninja Assassin’s James McTeigue, and Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsDavid Yates. Who will they choose?

According to the site, the story for the film “tells a more dramatic tale of Marvel’s first superhero family, and will introduce audiences to a bevvy of characters not yet seen on film.” They also claim that next to Doom, the Silver Surfer is another character who’ll return for the reboot. This is a lot to take in for one movie, but like we said, it’s been a busy weekend.

What do you think of the latest news surrounding Fantastic Four? Who should star? Who should direct?