Update: Jonathan Liebesman has officially signed on to direct Clash of the Titans 2.

The folks over at Fox have more than one X-Men property in need of a director. They’re currently looking at David Slade and Darren Aronsofsky as possible helmers of Wolverine 2 and according to Deadline, they’ve still got their eye on Robert Rodriguez for Deadpool. Do you know who else is in the mix? Find out below…

Fox is still keeping hope alive for Deadpool even though the film’s lead has YET to find time in his busy schedule to shoot it. Ryan Reynolds‘ has several tentpole projects on the horizon and he just signed on for another opposite Denzel Washington, which makes it hard to nail down a production date for Deadpool. Rodriguez likes the script and wants to direct but he also has his own schedule to keep, which includes promoting Machete and directing Spy Kids 4. It looks like everyone involved wants to make the movie, they just have to find the time to do so.

Fox isn’t the only studio having franchise trouble. Warner Bros is still trying to work out a deal with Jonathan Liebesman to direct Clash of the Titans 2. According to sources, “they are far apart on money.”  We knew shortly after the release of the first film that Louis Leterrier wouldn’t be returning for the sequel. He’s too busy meeting with producers regarding other big budget projects.

It sounds like time is the problem for Fox, and money is the issue for Warner Bros. When will they get it together?

Who do you think should direct the films? How should they work out their problems?