This weekend attractive thieves and warriors will attack the box office with the help of a demon possessed teenager. Today, the heist film Takers opens nationwide and it stars Idris Elba and Paul Walker. It centers of a group of professional criminals who take on their biggest job yet at the insistence of one of their oldest enemies.

The Last Exorcism is the latest horror project produced by Eli Roth that stars Patrick Fabian and Ashley Bell in a documentary style feature that centers on a faithless preacher who tries to save a girl’s soul.

More upcoming movies below…

It’s back! Avatar: The Special Edition is being re-released in traditional and IMAX 3D theaters for this weekend, and this weekend only. It’s an easy cash-grab for the studios who are promising 8 minutes of new footage — 8 whole minutes! Next there’s Centurion, which opens in limited release and is a war film that stars Michael Fassbender as a soldier whose regiment is accused of murder and attacked by Pict warriors. It’s based on the myth surrounding the famous Ninth Legion of Romans who disappeared in the second century.



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The Last Exorcism

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What movie are you looking forward to seeing this weekend?