The Mission Impossible news just keeps on coming as a trio of actresses have auditioned to play Tom Cruise’s leading lady. According to Deadline, Paula Patton, Kristin Kreuk, and Lauren German have all tested for the part of a young female operative. Whoever lands the role will also act opposite Jeremy Renner who was cast earlier this week as Cruise’s sidekick.

I know there are a lot of “Smallville” fans who want to see Kreuk in this part. The last time we saw her in anything big it was that horrible Street Fighter sequel, The Legend of Chung Li. She’s not a bad actress, that was just some severely bad material. Even though she’s in her late twenties, it would be hard to visualize her side by side with Cruise or Renner. She still looks like a kid to me. What do you think?

Patton on the other hand fits like a glove. She was last seen in the Oscar nominated indie film Precious, and is rumored to be joining the cast of next season’sLaw & Order: SVU.” But if she gets picked up for both the film and the show, there might be a scheduling issue.

Next we have Lauren German, who appeared in the short lived TV series “Happy Town” and Hostel: Part II. I’ve never seen any of her work, so I can’t really judge what she can or can’t do. Have you seen her in anything? If so, tell me how she is.

Who do you think should be the female lead?