Three manly photos of Dwayne Johnson have been released from his upcoming film Faster. A few weeks ago the movie’s teaser poster debuted and featured nothing but Johnson’s tattooed arm. Prior to that, the studio released a production still that showed his character being carted off to prison. In this latest batch, he looks pissed off and he’s pulling guns out on people. Sounds like fun, take a look…

Faster centers on an ex-con hell bent on avenging his brother’s death. Johnson plays a character named Driver, while Billy Bob Thornton stars as a veteran cop who trails him as he races to settle with those responsible for his brother’s murder. Also in the mix is Killer, an egocentric hitman who’s after Driver. Faster co-stars Maggie Grace, Moon Bloodgood, and Carla Gugino.

I wouldn’t want to be the person on the receiving end of his wrath. Billy Bob Thornton’s character better watch out. It’s great to see Johnson back in ass kicking mode. Hopefully, this movie will erase any residue of his previous film Tooth Fairy. Let’s never speak of that one again!

What do you think of the latest photos from Faster? Are you interested in seeing the film?

Source: Collider