Shortly after the release of this summer’s The Karate Kid, Sony announced their plans for a sequel. The first film earned over $55 million its opening weekend and has accumulated a worldwide gross of almost $300 million. The studio wants to keep the momentum going by starting work on the follow up as soon as possible. According to THR, they’ve wasted no time in hiring two screenwriters to tackle Dre’s next journey.

The trade reports that Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff, who previously worked on DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda, have come on board for The Karate Kid sequel. Prior to Panda, the duo was known for creating the highly acclaimed television series “Sleeper Cell,” which earned them an Emmy nomination. But like all writers they have some hits and misses on their resume, such as Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood.

Voris and Reiff came up with the story for the film, which a lot of people had a problem with. It didn’t embody the Robin Hood that we all know and love. More than anything it served as a prequel to set up the legend of the character. On paper it sounds interesting but unfortunately it didn’t translate on screen.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to redeem themselves with the next Karate Kid. Will they take Dre, his mother, and Mr. Han out of China and back to the tough streets of Detroit? Where can the story go from here?

What do you think of Voris and Reiff penning the next Karate Kid movie? Are you interested in a sequel?