John Cusack is about to go from making us laugh in Hot Tub Time Machine, to depressing the hell out of us as a paranoid author. According to the actor’s official Twitter page, he’s landed the role of Edgar Allan Poe in James McTeigue’s adaptation of The Raven. The film will be a thriller (duh) based on the poem of the same name that centered on one man’s decent into madness.

Cusack showcased his great sense of humor when he broke the news stating, “ill play edgar allen poe in fall-a-film called the raven, send any poe- gold – my way as i begin this journey into the abyss.”

When Coming Soon spoke to McTeigue about his interpretation of the famous poem he said it will be “a straight adaptation.” The Raven is a serial killer thriller in which the famed horror author has to help solve clues connected to a string of murders based on his stories. The film will be set in Baltimore during the 1850s.

Should I go take another look at his work in 1408 and Identity to get a better feel for “horror-thriller Cusack?” It’s been a while since I’ve watched him in something that didn’t make me laugh. Jeremy Renner was rumored to star in the film earlier this year but now that he’s signed on for Mission Impossible 4, that’s probably not going to happen.

What do you think of John Cusack playing Poe?