Just one month prior to the start of “Saturday Night Live‘s,” 36th season we’ve learned that one of its veteran cast members is leaving. According to a report from The New York Times, Will Forte aka MacGruber won’t be returning to the sketch series this fall. This information comes from two sources close to the show, who claim that his departure was his decision. No firing was involved.

Here’s the quote from The NYTIMES,

“The departure was confirmed by two people with direct knowledge of the show’s planning but who were not allowed to speak on the record because ‘Saturday Night Live’ has not officially announced details of its coming season. Representatives for Mr. Forte and for NBC’s late-night entertainment division did not immediately comment, but one of the sources said the parting was amicable and at the choosing of Mr. Forte, who plans to pursue other projects.”

He’s been on “SNL” for a solid 8 years but actors usually don’t leave the show until they’ve built up some serious feature film credits. Look at what happened to Jimmy Fallon? He left and did a couple of movies that bombed and ended up returning to late night television (love his show by the way!).

Even though it was hilarious, MacGruber didn’t do well at the box office, and we’re not sure if his guest appearances on “American Dad” and “30 Rock” are enough to carry him over. We’re interested in seeing what Forte’s next move is.

What do you think of Forte’s departure? Do you think he made the right decision?