M Night Shyamalan has been on the receiving end of some pretty harsh words via critics and movie goers alike. His last film, The Last Airbender was a mess, and prior to that The Happening wasn’t exactly a fan favorite. At this year’s Comic-Con they showed the trailer for the latest film he’s producing called Devil, and the audience reacted with boos, laughter, and groans. Not good. Word must have spread to him because he’s trying to get back on our good side — through comedy.

He recently shot a parody trailer featuring Stephen Lang from Avatar and MTV correspondent Josh Horowitz that intercuts footage from Devil. Instead of it being about a group of people trapped in an elevator, they’re trapped on an escalator. Take a look…

How many of you wish you were Hororwitz in that scene where he’s slapping the crap out of Shyamalan? You can just imagine what was going through his head. This is for The Village (cold slap), Lady in the Water (damp slap), The Happening (pollen covered slap), and The Last Airbender (super spin-slap powered by all four elements)!

What do you think of the video? Has his ability to make fun of himself won you over?

Source: MTV