In the words of the random female clerk from Mike Judge’s Office Space, “Uh-oh. Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.” The Academy Awards which are traditionally held on Sundays might change its date because of another major television event — the Super Bowl. Apparently, the change isn’t the fault of the Academy, it’s all because of those execs over at the National Football League who’ve decided to lengthen their season.

The Oscars have been sitting pretty on Sundays since 1999, and after that 11 year residency a decision by the NFL could change it all. The league is considering the addition of two games to its regular season, which would inadvertently push the Academy Awards back to Monday. The good news is that the show won’t be delayed for a long period of time. It could take place the very next day.

Sources claim that the expansion of the football season for 2012-2013 is pretty much a done deal and Bruce Davis, executive director for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has stated, “It’s obviously something we’re keeping a close eye on.” So does this ruin your Oscar and Super Bowl party plans? You have two years to prepare so get ready.

How do you feel about the Oscars being moved to Mondays? Does it really matter?

Source: THR