Are you stuck in a relationship that looks picture perfect on the outside but is completely lifeless and boring on the inside? If so, the trailer for The Freebie will be like looking into a mirror. The film is directed by and stars Katie Aselton who plays the other half to “Parenthood” actor Dax Shephard. Watch them both try to solve their relationship’s biggest problem in the most unconventional way…

Darren (Shepard) and Annie (Aselton) have an enviable relationship built on love, trust and communication-they still enjoy each other’s company and laugh at each other’s jokes. Unfortunately, they can’t really remember the last time they slept together and have feelings of regret regarding their former single lives. After a frank and honest discussion about the state of their relationship they come up with a deal: one night of freedom, no strings attached, no questions asked. They call it, “the freebie.”

Shepard has come a long way since his days on MTV’s “Punk’d.” After watching some of his work on “Parenthood,” I’ve learned that he does have acting range and can show more than one emotion. The Freebie is a step in the right direction for his career.

What do you think of the trailer for The Freebie? Are you interested in seeing the film?

Source: Yahoo