MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4: Just yesterday there was a huge casting rumor about three actors up for roles in Mission Impossible 4. They included Kevin Zegers, Christopher Egan, and Anthony Mackie. Mackie was the frontrunner of the bunch but out of nowhere his Hurt Locker co-star Jeremy Renner has slid in and landed the role of Tom Cruise’s sidekick.

Renner will join Cruise, Ving Rhames, and director Brad Bird in the fourth installment of the long running spy franchise for Paramount. This is the second major role that he’s landed aside from Marvel’s The Avengers, where he’ll play the superhero Hawkeye. The studio has been working hard to find the right actor for this role because they needed someone who was good enough to carry on the franchise after Cruise’s departure (i.e. Mission Impossible 5).

It will be a passing of the torch — spy style. Several other actors including Tom Hardy and Chris Pine were considered for the job but they were already booked. Those two are busy taking over other franchises, can you say Mad Max and Jack Ryan?

Renner is an amazing actor, and it’s great that he’s getting all these opportunities. At this point in his career the entertainment world is his oyster.

Listen to Renner talk about stepping into Mission Impossible 4 and announcing its release below…

What do you think of Renner joining the Mission Impossible franchise?

Source: Deadline