Back in July we reported that a third installment of Eli Roth’s Hostel series was set to begin production this summer. Unfortunately, Roth won’t be a part of the shoot because his hands are full with other (more important) things, but that hasn’t stopped Sony Stage 6 from making the sequel. According to Bloodydisgusting two actors have landed roles in the film, and I’ve never seen either of them a day in my life. See if you recognize them…

The central character will be played by Kip Pardue, who’ll be joined by Brian Hallisay (“Eastwick“, “Bones“) and Sarah Habel (“Party Down“, The Butterfly Effect 3). Do any of them ring a bell? The new film will take place in Las Vegas and center around a bachelor party gone terribly wrong. The script was written by producer Michael Weiss and it will be directed by Scott Spiegel.

Here are some photos of the two newbies. Do they look familiar?

All signs point to this being a direct to DVD release, but a few days ago there was a rumor going around that the studio might try to push it into theaters. Good Luck with that!

Are you interested in seeing Hostel 3? Should they nip this franchise in the bud?