It’s hard to believe but Sean Connery is celebrating a huge milestone today — he’s turning 80 years old. Did you ever think you’d see the day when James Bond would reach that age? For the past few years the veteran actor has been keeping a low profile by not appearing in any major films (with the exception of a few voiceover gigs). Even though you may miss his Scottish charm, you might have to cuddle up to his past works via DVD because Connery has no desire to act again. He’s throwing in the towel!

Connery has come up against several health issues, with the most recent being a fractured shoulder. He had surgery a few months ago and has been on the mend doing low-key activities like golf and swimming. Even though he’s slowly but surely getting back to his old self, he doesn’t want to return to the big screen. He wants to enjoy what he’s accomplished and leave acting in his past.

“I don’t think I’ll ever act again,” he said. “I have so many wonderful memories but these days are over.

This means that rumor that he might pop up in the next Indiana Jones film is false. If they really want Indy’s dad involved they may have to CGI him in because Connery’s living the good life. The good, retired life!

What do you think of Connery leaving the business? What is your favorite Connery film?

Source: Scotsman