It’s no secret that M. Night Shyamalan’s adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender was horrendous. The film didn’t exactly catch the essence of the series from which it was based, an issue that Scott Pilgrim vs The World definitely didn’t have. Therefore, let’s erase Shyamalan’s version and start from scratch. As a matter of fact, what would happen if Airbdender was combined with Scott Pilgrim?! Find out in the video below…

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Earlier this week, we posted a fake trailer that featured the audio from Scott Pilgrim with the footage of The Matrix Trilogy. We thought it was pretty well done until this came along. The one thing that makes this one slightly superior is how well the lips match the words. Not only that but certain situations that appeared in Pilgrim, sync up so well with the Airbender scenes.

If only the real Last Airbender could have been as good as this two minute trailer. All of our favorite characters are featured, the footage has the right tone, and there are some awesome action sequences.

What do you think of the Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Avatar: The Last Airbender mashup?

Source: Herff