Adam Sandler may have found his new leading lady in Katie Holmes according to a report from THR. The trade claims that the actress is in talks to star opposite Sandler in his upcoming film Jack and Jill, a comedy that has the actor reuniting with his Grown Ups director Dennis Dugan. Not only will Holmes be going against Sandler but she’ll also be going toe to toe with Al Pacino, who in the film plays — Al Pacino. Seriously!

According to the trade, Jack and Jill centers on “a family man as he deals with his twin sister, Jill, when she visits for Thanksgiving then won’t leave. Sandler will play both characters.” Sandler in drag? Didn’t we get enough of that from those Valley Girl skits he, David Spade, and Chris Farley used to do on “Saturday Night Live“?

Holmes will play Sandler’s wife and Pacino is set to play himself. Could this be one of those self reflexive films where the actor amps up their persona to feed into a stereotype? We could get down with that. It will be great to see Holmes in something lighter again because her upcoming films are both indies that have darker and more dramatic tones (The Romantics, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark).

What do you think of the cast for Jack and Jill?