Scream 4 has been shooting on location in Michigan for a while now, but that hasn’t stopping the casting director from bringing in more actors. According to EW, Sookie Stackhouse and Veronica Mars aka Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell have just joined the cast! The current roster is already filled to the brim with familiar faces including the three original stars from the first trilogy. So how will these latest additions factor in?

Dimension Films have confirmed Paquin and Bell’s casting but have given no info regarding their characters. Do you know what that means? One or maybe both of them will probably get the axe withing the first 10 minutes of the film. Killing off a well known star in the very beginning is what the Scream series became known for after Drew Barrymore was murdered in the original as an homage to Janet Leigh’s early demise in Psycho.

Since they’ve come on so late in the game, it wouldn’t be a shock if they were just lambs being brought to the slaughter. At least this won’t be a huge problem for Paquin, she should be used to excessive gore considering her current gig on “True Blood.”

What do you think of these two joining the cast? Who do you think they’ll play?