When we last left “Weeds” and the Botwin clan, they had just blown Agrestic, leaving behind their pregnant girlfriends and complicated social relationships, and Cesar had just destroyed some crucial evidence about Pilar’s death-by-cartoon-injury. So where’d the family wind up? Here’s our recap…

The Players:

  • Writer: Brendan Kelly
  • Director: Tate Donovan
  • Cast: Mary Louise Parker, Hunter Parrish, Patricia Lentz, Alanis Morrissette, Justin Kirk, Alexander Gould, Mo Gallini

Episode Title: “Felling and Swamping”

The Botwins decide to visit scenic Canada permanently, but Canadians are strict about border crossing. Nancy gets a call from the FBI and the family decides to ditch their old names in Seattle and create some new identities. Estaban has an interview.

The Good:

  • Run For the Border: It’s actually very funny how haphazard and problematic the Botwin’s border run is turning out to be. No birth certificate, phone calls from the FBI…yeah, they’re making mistakes but they’re realistic mistakes reminding us that for all Nancy and the Botwins have been through, these are still not hardened criminals at root just suburbanites in way over their heads.
  • Uncertain Silas: We also like how Silas has become the voice of reason, especially since by his perspective he did absolutely nothing wrong, isn’t involved, and still got dragged off to Seattle and forced to change his identity. It’s obviously angering him and this promises to pay off quite well later in the season.

The Weird:

  • Shane, Don’t Come Back: Wow. They are really working overtime to establish Shane as a creepy, creepy kid. We’re worried that in fairly short time he’s going to come back with a necklace of ears or something. Sheesh!

The Bad:

  • Sloth Is Not a Virtue: So in two episodes, we’ve gotten the Botwins some fake IDs, established the FBI and…and…and what else, precisely? We get it, the show is completely rearranging itself, making room for new characters, and establishing the plotlines for the new season. Still, it’s dragging a lot and that’s starting to get more than a little aggravating.
  • With Unsympathy: The Botwins as a clan are also getting a little shrill and self-involved. It’s forgivable; Shane and Mom have pretty much ruined all their lives and they’re being dragged to a city they don’t know and forced to change their names. But two episodes of this is really pushing it.


This is another exposition episode, right on the heels of a premiere that was crammed full of — exposition! If it weren’t for the fact that we trust the writing staff, and that setting up the Botwins in a new town while both the FBI and Esteban are after them makes for an interesting show, we honestly would have stopped watching.

Rating: 7.5/10

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