One of the shows debuting on Fox’s new fall schedule is “Lone Star” and no, it’s not a Western. It’s actually pretty slutty and risque and centers on a guy who’s leading a double life. In other words, it’s the perfect show for those who want to mix business with pleasure (wink, wink). Check out the promo…

“Lone Star” follows the life of a con man named Robert Allen, who has both a wife and several girlfriends. It’s a personal status that gets played up heavily in this promo. The show’s led by James Wolk who’s making his debut as a series regular and headliner alongside Oscar winner Jon Voight.

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The show will air on Monday’s starting this fall, which is interesting considering that used to be the home of “24.” At least “Lone Star” has Voight on board to bridge the gap, being that he appeared on both.

During the summer months, I don’t watch a lot of television, so I’m not sure if this is the first or second ad the network has aired for this. Either way, they need to do more to get me interested. If he’s some type of agent, spy, or your average interloper, they need to show some action because this little teaser isn’t cutting it.

What do you think of the promo trailer for Lone Star? Are you interested in the show?